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Life Is Too Short *Not*
To Take the Photos

From one woman to another…

Here’s my hot take

Boudoir isn’t *really* about the photos–it’s about the way the photos make you feel 

With that said, know that your photos will be FIRE. They’ll be some of the most gorgeous photos you’ve ever seen. But the real star of the show? You. And the purpose of your session? To be seen in your realest and rawest form, and love yourself for it.

Consider this your sign to go for it.

When we work together, you’ll have an experience that will affect your entire life, not just your day. You’ll have a new swagger in your step, a new outlook on what it means to be a woman, and a fresh set of eyes that love what they see.

I’m not *just* giving you sexy photos. I’m giving you the self-confidence and inspiration to make yourself priority number one and love every second.


To give women an opportunity (and encourage them!) to celebrate themselves without feeling guilty, ashamed, or self-indulgent.

You’re worth it.


A great tip to prepare yourself for your empowerment boudoir photoshoot, is to write down exactly why you are doing this. 
Maybe it's to find self-love and to embrace your body or to give a milestone gift to your partner. Whatever the reason, your photoshoot is an amazing celebration of these reason, and you deserve it!

boudoir checklist

Make yourself a music playlist! Add all your favourite songs that you love and you can jam to during the photoshoot. Don't have a playlist, no worries.. I've got lots to choose from!

boudoir checklist

Feeling nervous before your photoshoot is completely normal. Words have a lot of power, so I highly recommend to come up with a mantra for yourself. Practice your affirmation in front of the mirror.  You can say something like-
"I am beautiful", or "I love my body".
Say it out loud, and believe it, because girl- it's definitely true!

boudoir checklist

Treat yourself to some new lingerie and model the heck out of it!
The more you feel comfortable in your outfits- the more your confidence will shine on camera the day of your session!

boudoir checklist

Rave Reviews

“Her creativity and professionalism are the main reasons why I keep coming back.”

“I have worked with Laura a few times. She makes me feel super comfortable and has a variety of accessories including the wings and other fun props!”

– Bodied by Kim

“I was struggling with
self-confidence, and finally decided, ‘Why not?”

“I wasn’t convinced I could ever do something like this, but I jumped in and I’m so glad I did. I booked a consult followed by a studio session, and the only thing I can say is WOW! There’s no describing how empowering an experience like this is. I’ve had three sessions and am already planning a fourth. My advice? Make that call! You’re worth it.”

– Karen Deal

– Mia Crivaro

“She makes you feel like a queen!”

“Laura is incredible! She makes you feel relaxed, super confident, and feeling like a queen. Laura’s attention to detail is impeccable and the quality of her work is stunning! I highly recommend her.”

Baring your body and soul in front of the camera can feel overwhelming, stressful, and downright scary–but it doesn’t have to.

I specialized in boudoir photography after having my own session with a friend and felt its power for myself. I was self-conscious of my body after babies (two to be exact!), but ended up loving everything about my experience. Let’s be real–I rocked it.

As your photographer, I want you to have that same amazing feeling of empowerment that I did. Throughout our time together, I promise to be your fiercest supporter, your shoulder to lean on, and your biggest fan. Your experience is my top priority, and I know you’re going to love it.

Boudoir-obsessed photog with a passion for bringing sexy back.

Meet Laura

Fast facts: I’m a badass competitive bodybuilder, spend free time making delicious creations for my family, also obsessed with tacos and chocolate (but like, who isn’t?)

I want you to feel comfortable, which starts with an honest and clear dialogue. I’ll walk you through every step of the process and give you the space to share any fears or insecurities you might have.

I believe that every woman should cultivate a beautiful relationship with themselves and truly love who they are, inside and out. You are the most important person in your life–period.



My Must-Haves

Do you feel me?

Know that anything you share with me or any boundaries that you have will be met with the utmost respect. It’s my goal to make you feel good and to give you the best experience possible.

My VIP group is a private Facebook community made up of badass women who have participated in a past boudoir session with me or are anticipating their very first experience. It’s a safe space to share your stories, celebrate your photos, and support other like-minded women on their self-love journeys.

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Let’s inspire one another, cheer each other on, and foster a welcoming and fun little corner of the Internet.


Go Ahead, Love the Skin You’re In

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