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You’ve only got one life to live, so why would you spend it dulling your sparkle? It’s my mission to make you see yourself in a whole new light–vibrant, thriving, self-confident, and drop-dead gorgeous.

Throughout our time together, I promise to be your fiercest supporter, your shoulder to lean on, and your biggest fan. Your experience is my top priority, and I know you’re going to love it.

Boudoir-obsessed photog with a passion for bringing sexy back

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York pa boudoir, the creative shutter photography

October 24, 2023

Jenna talks about her boudoir experience

Crimson and Ivy Studio

October 21, 2023

“Love yourself.” It’s a saying we hear all the time these days—from TV shows, magazines, blogs, and books. But what does it really mean to love yourself? How do you make self-love a part of your everyday life? The best way to truly love yourself is to treat yourself just like you would your best […]

Jessica talks about her boudoir experience - York PA photographer

October 19, 2023

Jessica talks about her boudoir experience – York PA photographer

Red satin sheet boudoir, sexy photos, the creative shutter photographer

October 17, 2023

What do you think of when you hear the words boudoir photography? Maybe you think of sexy women in lingerie, strutting their stuff for the camera. Or maybe you think of models with the “perfect” figure, makeup, and hair. Maybe you think I could never do that or I wish that were me. But boudoir […]

York PA boudoir, luxury photo sessions, sexy photos

October 16, 2023

I love what I do, and I love that my clients do too! One thing I love is when my clients talk about their sessions with me. Karen, who has had not one, two, but THREE boudoir sessions with me talks about her experience. It truly makes my little photographer heart skip a beat when […]

The Creative Shutter York PA

October 11, 2023

When I client books me for their session I do a little dance. But when a client books me for not just one, two, but THREE sessions I do back flips! Boudoir Photography is empowering, positive, motivating, and all around FUN way of expressing yourself. So when Ms. C booked me for her third session […]

Mirror boudoir, The Creative SHutter boudoir, Central PA boudoir, York PA

July 18, 2023

Boudoir photography is about you. It’s about loving yourself and feeling empowered in your beauty and femininity. No matter what you may think when you look in the mirror, you are strong, sexy, and unique, and your beauty deserves to be celebrated. Still nervous about getting in front of the camera? Here’s why you should […]

bridal boudoir, boudoir session, boudoir photography, York PA bridal boudoir

July 14, 2023

bridal boudoir, boudoir session, boudoir photography

Sexy Photoshoot, Satin sheets for boudoir,Karen Talks bout her Boudoir Experience with The Creative Shutter!

July 13, 2023

Karen Talks bout her Boudoir Experience with The Creative Shutter!

wax poetic clothing Lancaster Boudoir

July 10, 2023

One of my favorite things about boudoir photography is the way it allows women to truly love their own bodies, often for the first time. We spent most of our lives hearing how we need to lose weight, hide blemishes, avoid wrinkles, and on and on until we feel like we’ll never look how we […]

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